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Liver Ducts

Welcome to the Laboratory of Cellular and Tissue Engineering (LCTE)


We share the VISION of EDUCATING ambitious young scientists and engineers to make impacts beyond individual efforts through team projects and collaborative learning in academia and industry.

RESEARCH MISSION: Understand and control liver regeneration and chronic disease progression. We TRANSLATE technologies and knowledges into solutions for drug development, diagnostics and therapeutics.

Research Goals:

Quantitative analysis of the dynamic process of liver regeneration and chronic liver diseases.

Investigating the formation and dynamic maintenance of inter-cellular tissue space such as bile canaliculi and sinusoids that define liver functions.

Developing novel and useful biomaterials, cell sources, and analytics for long-term maintenance of highly functional liver cells in culture.

Developing robust, scalable, low cost and predictive in vitro drug and pathogen testing platforms.

Shared Values:

Respect : every LCTE member is important and yet consciously sensitive to other members and the collective impacts. Decisions incorporate inputs from all the stakeholders for fairness and transparency.

Professionalism: every LCTE member strives to attain ever higher quality and standard of her/his own work through mutual empowerment, critique and support to each other.

No-walls culture: solutions to real-life problems can never be confined within artificially-created boundaries (organizational, disciplinary, cultural, inter-personal, or mental inertia).

News & Events:

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Professor Hanry Yu now serves as an Associate Editor of Biomaterials, the leading journal in biomaterials and in biomedical engineering.

New Book Releasing:

Imaging in Cellular and Tissue Engineering. [about this book]

Latest Awards:

Congratulations to Hanry Yu has been awarded Scientist-Entrepreneur Award, InvitroCue Pte Ltd.

Congratulations to the graduation of Drs. Wenhao Tong, Qiushi Li, Shuoyu Xu, Lu Yin, Junjie Wang, Huipeng Li, Abhishek Ananthanarayanan and others who were awarded PhD degree recently.

Congratulations to Jiangwa Xing has been awarded YSTA 2015 – Young Scientists Travel Award 2015

Latest Publications:

Kapish Gupta, Qiushi Li, Junjun Fan, Eliza Fong, Ziwei Song, Shupei Mo, Haoyu Tang, Inn Chuan Ng, Chan Way Ng, and Shuangmu Zhuo published a paper to report that actomyosin contractility induces transient deformations along the canalicular membrane, a process we have termed inward blebbing. In addition, we showed that these membrane intrusions are initiated by local ruptures in the pericanalicular actin cortex, and they typically retract following repair by actin polymerization and actomyosin contraction. However, above a certain osmotic pressure threshold, these inward blebs pinch away from the canalicular membrane into the hepatocyte cytoplasm as large vesicles (2-8 μm). Importantly, we show that these vesicles aid in the regurgitation of bile from the canalicular system. Actomyosin Contractility Drives Bile Regurgitation as an Early Homeostatic Response to Increased Biliary Pressure in Obstructive Cholestasis. Journal of Hepatology, in press. Epub 28 September 2016.

Inn Chuan Ng, Pornteera Pawijit, Lee Ying Teo, Huipeng Li, and Shuying Lee published a paper to demostrate that kinectin-dependent endoplasmic reticulum (ER) distribution can be localized by chemoattractants and provided a mechanism for biased protrusion choices during chemotaxis in shallow gradients. Kinectin-dependent endoplasmic reticulum transport supports focal complex maturation for chemotaxis in shallow gradients. Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Cell Science, 129(13): 2660-2672.


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